Sydney Morning Herald reviews episode 1 of Family Rules!

Family Rules S1 E1 review: ‘Indigenous Kardashians’ outshine Real Housewives

These diamonds in the rough have more sheen and class than all the carats on The Real Housewives of Melbourne’s ring fingers put together.

Even though they have been dubbed Australia’s “Indigenous Kardashians”, NITV’s reality show on the Rule family has more of the feel of MTV’s Teen Mom than the fame-hungry Kardashian family. But if you have to draw a reality show comparison it is a sincere and authentic scope of suburban family life with a touch of The Real Housewives of Melbourne bling.

Opening with a catchy Charley Caruso dance number, We’re Gonna Rule, this is a show that succeeds in appealing to a broad audience because central to its message – it’s all about family, and a family life that you know or may even live (but with 10 women in the household that may be a stretch).

“I really, really love being a mum but it does get hard. I’ve been a single parent with nine girls since 2004,” says mother Daniella Borg. “So I met Kevin when I was 16 and fell pregnant when I was 17, and the rest soon followed. And I pretty much put my life on hold just so I can be a good mother for my children.

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