From The Western Frontier Season 3 airs on NITV

FROM THE WESTERN FRONTIER 3 airs on NITV starting Monday, 22 May at 7:30pm

The third instalment of the FROM THE WESTERN FRONTIER series examines the legacies of the Stolen Generations policies through the eyes of young Aboriginal women.

THE THIRD SPACE, written and directed by Casey Kickett, is the first of two half hour documentaries that make up FROM THE WESTERN FRONTIER Series 3, airing Monday, 22 May at 7:30pm on NITV.

Fair-skinned Noongar girl, Meeka Rees, struggles to fit into an Aboriginal world despite her grandmother being prominent Aboriginal artist, Sandra Hill. She goes on a personal journey with her grandmother, mother and sister to understand how an ideology, based on skin-colour, underpinned the Stolen Generations policies and continues to impact on her family’s ability to identify and connect with their Aboriginality today.

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