Series Synopsis

Our world is filled with light and its affect on us is constant and unyielding but how do we, as individuals, experience this most extraordinary phenomenon.

Episode – Invisible Light

A dance through the invisible world of infrared and ultraviolet light.

Episode – Revealing the Hidden World

Aboriginal Australian photographer Tash Nannup uses light to reveal a world that is hidden in plain sight.

Episode – Summer Blues

Traumatic events and the harsh light of an Australian summer, set off, filmmaker, Lilly Radloff’s summer blues.

Episode – Min Min Light

Mahlena-Mae is at the same age as her family members when they experienced the Min Min Light, so she journeys out onto country to finally learn about these phenomena.

Episode – Shadows of Displacement

In a black and white world there are many shades of grey.

Awards and Festivals

Western Australia Screen Awards

Summer Blues - Winner of Best Short Form Factual