Family Rules continues to shine in the Sydney Morning Herald

What’s on TV: Wednesday, December 5

Family Rules

NITV, 8.30pm

“In Year Nine I was, like, Mum, can you go and work somewhere else? But now I like having her around.” Which sums up the attitude of the Rule girls to having their mother work at their high school. Danielle Rule is an awe-inspiring parent and her ability to inspire both affection and obedience in teenage girls is the kind of thing they should hand out medals for. She has also – as regular viewers will know – drilled in to her nine (count ’em!) daughters the importance of education.

At the most recent tally there were seven portraits on the Graduation Wall at home – commemorating the successful completion of Year 12. Tonight, daughter number eight, Jessica, is in the spotlight as she enters the final stages of Year 11 and feels the pressure of taking up her spot on The Wall next year. Despite being a good student she’s experiencing all the pull of friends and fun and the looming summer holidays. Can Danielle keep her in line? I’d put money on it.

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