The Bizarre Pet Vets

Dr James Haberfield and his team from the Unusual Pet Vets treat the most bizarre and beloved animals in Australia. With three clinics across the country, they see hundreds of species every week and many of them are home grown! For a bizarre pet vet, no two creatures are the same and the owners are a rare breed too. Dr James and his team use their expertise and some clever handiwork to save the weirdest and most wonderful pets in the country.

Episode 1

Some patients are naughty, and others are nice; Dr Kelly performs tiny surgery and Dr James is forced to improvise.

Episode 2

The patients get noisy, there’s an emergency in Queensland and Dr James performs a miracle.

Episode 3

Feathered friends take over the clinic, Dr Hamish gets a treat and Dr James keeps his cool in the face of danger.

Episode 4

The team go high tech and old school; Dr Kiara gets a surprise and Dr James takes on a challenge.

Episode 5

A tiny patient needs help; Dr Lucinda fixes a frog and Dr James meets his match.

Episode 6

Dr James gets crafty; Dr Michelle meets a chatterbox and the team treat the king of the colony.

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