From The Western Frontier – Thunderstorms

Series Synopsis

A documentary series featuring the individual stories of everyday Indigenous Australians who have a unique and inspirational story to tell.  These contemporary documentaries highlight how specific moments in time can change an individual’s journey, making them the person that they are today.

Episode Synopsis

As a young boy growing up in Onslow, Western Australia Patrick Tittums dreamed of flying a plane.  Inspired by the adventures of pilot James “Biggles” Bigglesworth in the books that his mother would buy for him, Patrick let his imagination run wild and a lifelong passion for flying developed.  But in his teenage years, bowing to peer pressure, he took to drinking alcohol.  A seemingly harmless and fun pastime quickly spiralled out of control.  For nearly thirty years he toiled in the dark times until the thunderstorm of life washed him clean and he took control of his journey to fly into clear skies.