Project Planet

Children’s documentary television series

Five students with a passion for the environment have been recruited as Waste Warriors, to lead a sustainability mission at three Australian schools. Each week the Waste Warriors progress their major mission to reduce waste in all its forms whilst being thrown weekly surprise challenges.

Episode 1

Five passionate Waste Warriors are set sustainability challenges and lead the charge to turn things around at their schools.

Episode 2

Expert help arrives to help the Waste Warriors develop their vege patch and build a solar-powered irrigation system, with school canteen success for another Warrior.

Episode 3

Innovative methods are used to build a solar powered irrigation system cheaply and in Hobart, the Waste Warriors clean the school with natural cleaning products.

Episode 4

An entertaining robot that assesses and processes recyclables arrives at a school and our Waste Warriors are set challenges to support local native wildlife.

Episode 5

Setbacks, pickles and successes give all of the Waste Warriors a chance to prove their growing skills and determination with their missions.

Episode 6

Berry Springs’ rap song takes shape as vege scraps sprout and a bathtub becomes home sweet home to a family of worms.

Episode 7

Berry Springs embraces Nude Foods on Waste Free Wednesday, bug hotel building begins in Fremantle, while in Tasmania a meaningful mural starts to take shape.

Episode 8

It’s time to see if the small seeds of sustainability, planted eight weeks ago, have grown into big changes for the Waste Warriors’ schools.

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